ubuntu in Caldonazzo 2015

Theme:"My Voice, Our Home" | "Listen to Me Please!"

Workshop-Period: Monday, 3rd – Friday, 7th August 2015

This summer the seventh edition of the art-pedagogical workshop “ubuntu in Caldonazzo” will take place at the SOS Children´s Villages Summer Camp at Lake Caldonazzo. Through each “ubuntu in Caldo” project, the children have a wonderful time at the summer camp, by experiencing great joy and satisfaction with the results of their skills and by feeling being part of a greater whole during the workshops. So it was last year with the project the “Friendship Wheel” and so we hope it will be this year with the new project “My Voice, Our Home” / “Listen to Me Please!”!

The project

By carrying out the ubuntu project “Being a voice, give a voice” | “Having Voice, Giving Voice” we (The ubuntu team in Caldo) would like to give voice, with the children and their careers, to themes like Childhood and capacity of being a child, Child Welfare and the Child’s Rights, the meaning of a Loving Home for every Child and the situation of Children in the World. Our work is based on the answers, we hear, to questions such as: What do children wish and expect from the world, from themselves, from the SOS Children’s Villages, from Nature and from Life? What are their dreams for everyday life and for their future? What do they say about the SOS Children’s Villages? The answers to these questions will be the core of our project.

The Installation

We are going to build a relatively big wooden house. We are then going to Carved postcard size woodcuts all over the house will serve as bricks. Children will then paint the postcards and fill them with their answers to our questions. At the end, the painted and decorated postcards will be fitted in the woodcuts of the house. Thus the house is fit to be rightly called “ambassador of children’s voices and wishes. With a wooden carved dialogue balloon as souvenir, the participants will keep spreading the children’s messages/thoughts/wishes/voices around the world. Every voice makes our house stronger. With your voice our house is more stable.


There will be a final presentation in which the artistic designed house and the children’s messages are going to be presented, contemplated and warmly admired and received.

Meaning and Purpose

With the yearly recurring ubuntu Workshop, we expand and enrich the expressive, playful and creative offer for children in their holidays. We create meeting points for exchanges and friendship between young and old alike.