ubuntu in Caldonazzo 2015

Impressions, Experiences and Outcomes

Theme: Our House, - my Voice! Listen to me please?!

Did you know that after last year’s wonderful ubuntu in caldo summer workshop with the production of the beautiful wheel of friendship (Picture); ubuntu is again this summer in caldonazzo? We are there with the project: Our House, - my Voice! Listen to me please? This is in line with the ubuntu theme of the year: All voices for the child!

We go to the SOS Children and young people at the Caldonazzo Lake to build a house. Such that, with all justifications, can rightly stand as a house of the children’s rights and children’s voices! All participants in the house building workshop are invited to paint or draw or write on wooden postcards what they have to say about the world they live in; what they love about it, what they hate about it, what they wish for it or what they expect from it. At the end, the wooden postcards are fixed on a house of wood made of four panels (eight facades).

How did it all go? What are the highlights, impressions, experiences and grand outcome?


Just as a herald of good news to come, the common conclusion to which all participants of the workshop arrived at is this: “Caldonazzo the Lexicon of all Good Stories”

I invite two ubuntu-in-Caldonazzo team members who have been working in voluntary capacity to tell us more.