ubuntu at "SOS Ferien Camp"

ubutntu - summer-workshop in SOS Children’s Village Ferien camp at Caldonazzo Lake in Trentino

Living, playing, dreaming during the holidays!

“Life is quite more than just food and shelter. Child or adult, all alike also live in their memories and in their imaginations, in their hopes and in their dreams. Making a living-world like this a reality is the very essence of holidays. SOS Children’s Village children do not only imagine it. They feel it. They do not only know it. They want it. And truly, they have the opportunities for it: In SOS Ferien Camp at the Caldonazzo Lake in Trentino. There, every year in summer, well over 1000 Children from SOS Children’s Villages across Europe with their care-co-workers and volunteers experience this.

In very modest bungalows and tents, they are housed, protected and cared for. At the beach and in water they have fun and joy; and with sufficient leisure time facilities, they flourish in sports and play.  Every year in summer, ubuntu enriches these opportunities with the ubuntu-in-caldo-project. We organise an art-pedagogical workshop for the children to be freely playful and creative together. We bring together a very creative and engaged ubuntu-in-caldo team comprising of volunteers who support and accompany the children in this free time creative exercise.

ubuntu, the culture initiative of SOS Children’s Village is happy for the contributions so far, then, every year, the children, their careers and the team celebrate moments of successful, appealing and lasting collaborations and friendship.

You, dear reader, can also co-create. Be a volunteer! Simply click contact! We are happy for every support for every year. Have fun in browsing, viewing and reading.
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