ubuntu Theme 2015

Be a VOICE for the children!

“It is not what we give to the child, rather what it acquires that is decisive in life”.

© Rudyanto-Wijaya - iStockphoto
photo: © Rudyanto-Wijaya - iStockphoto
Janusz Korczak, with this wisdom reveals all the more, the different forms, facets and stages of the relationship between children and adults. A newly born child comes into the world with many potentials among which is the power of the voice. Every new born child cries! The voice is a fundamental prerequisite for being both human and living in interaction with other human beings. The voice of the child is its very first social activity announcing arrival, expressing individuality, needs and desires. By reacting to the voice of the child, those around it create for its wellbeing a net-work of trust, security, responsibility, love, care and solidarity.

By expanding and extending this process of voice-sounding and -responding through times and stages and from generation to generation, a human community of a common value system is established.  ubuntu values are good examples of the properties of such a common value system and with the metaphor “VOICE”, the ubuntu theme for the year describes and presents the driving forces vitalizing all our human life and living.

The ubuntu programs of the year utilize “VOICE” as a social human factor by bringing it into broader scope of consciousness. For instance: The little babies have voice: Their cry is expression of personality, feelings, needs and desires. They receive voices from their surrounding world:  In reaction to their cry as loving attention and recognition. Human beings raise their voice: to speak out against something; to draw attention to certain living circumstances etc. The phenomenon of voice therefore is a factor of communication, relationship, engagement and community. By creating space for development and recognition, voice serves as an instrument for change.

By constantly giving her voice to Children and consistently raising her Voice against their sufferings, SOS Children’s Villages has distinguished herself as a reliable Voice for the wellbeing of children worldwide. ubuntu, the culture initiative for SOS Children’s Villages, offers ample opportunities in areas of arts, culture, education, literary work, performances etc. for engagement and for being a voice for the benefit  of children.