ubuntu in Caldonazzo 2014

"The wheel of friendship"

Summer 2014

For the seventh time Ubuntu, the Culture project of SOS Children’s Villages organizes an art- education project that expands the creative ability of SOS children and provides entertainment for them during their holidays at the SOS-Feriendorf in Caldonazzo. The creative “ubuntu-in-Caldo” team has always had much fun with the children. They look back on some memorable and enriching experiences with the children at the SOS-Feriendorf.

Success projects like "My mask, my face” (2012) and" Wings to Fly "(2013) enriched and brought all of us much closer together. One can say that we have all become friends with ubuntu in Caldo. We're happy to be back this year in Caldo with the topic "the wheel of friendship": So be our friend and join us!

The roots of friendship

The roots of friendship are based on the fact that every person sometime, somewhere and somehow needs another person. Every person has needs such as fun, pleasure, security, affection, social cohesion etc., and in order to fulfill these, another person or object is necessary. By coming together with other persons to fulfil these needs, friendship arises. The fulfillment in friendship brings people closer and introduces a touch of beauty into our lives.

All of us, children and adults wish for this kind of beauty. A proverb says: “If you look on something pleasant your face will start to shine­!" Both the living beings and objects in nature are for the people an opportunity of friendship.

Friendship in SOS-Feriendorf Caldonazzo

SOS-Feriendorf in Caldonazzo is a place of friendship between people, nations, nature and environment. It is a place, where, carried by the SOS Spirit, which is also grounded on Ubuntu values, a much better world is created and maintained. It is a place where people care for each other. With our project “the wheel of friendship ", we are continuing with what is already there!

Making of the wheel of friendship with ubuntu in the SOS-Feriendorf Caldonazzo

The ubuntu theme for Caldo 2014 is "the wheel of friendship ".

Together with the children we will use stones of various kinds, which lie around in the countryside, for the art project. With colors and color pencils, the children will give those stones a new life. These beautifully designed stones will be used to create a mosaic floor-display, surrounded by arches made from stone or wood. Two additional arches of iron are attached to it to transform the structure into a friendship tent. Stones of different shapes are colored, painted and inscribed on. These will form the decoration of the tent.

Each participant will in exchange to a decorated stone, receive three undecorated wooden objects with different shapes: heart, head, flowers, trees, butterflies, stars, wings, house etc. These will in turn be also decorated. One of the three pieces of every participant is attached to the friendship tent, the second piece will be kept and the third one will be taken as a gift for a friend.

In this way all of us can closely experience friendship at the SOS-Feriendorf Caldonazzo as a “wheel of union”: by every turn of the wheel, we share the life of someone else, we are happy for this and enjoy it together. The final presentation will allow all of us to experience the great joy of this feeling of togetherness.