ubuntu in Caldonazzo 2013

Concept of "Wings to fly"

ubuntu at "SOS Ferien Camp" in Caldonazzo:

art education workshop

Summer 2013




I am the captain of my life. You are the captain of your life. Each one of us is the captain of his or her very dear live. Every captain also has a co-captain who accompanies and assists him or her navigate through life. We experience these collaborations in friendships, relationships, families, working places and educational processes. Each step we make in life, from childhood to maturity, is a record of shared experiences. They form the strength of our wings and determine how strong and steady we can fly in life. Our childhood experiences are processes of wings-formation and wings-development. SOS Children’s Villages is a home for Children and Youths to make these important experiences necessary for “forming wings to fly”. SOS Co-workers in all our programmes are like pilots, who carefully and professionally assist their clients reach their respective destinations. In all our programmes, SOS Co-workers accompany, assist, support, protect and empower the children to develop “Wings to fly” and to navigate to their various goals and destinations in life. The greatest of all these goals is happiness.

Registration and Information

Walter Waltz Anyanwu

The culture of "ubuntu in Caldo"

Among the activities in “SOS Ferien Camp” in Caldonazzo to support SOS Children enjoy their summer vacation is our project: “ubuntu in caldo”. The core spirit guiding all ubuntu activities in Caldonazzo is generating happiness. With ubuntu values like respect, trust, responsibility, friendship, solidarity and freedom we create the ground for all our successes. It is always exciting observing children and the youth charting and designing paths in life to attaining happiness.

This was the case in 2012 with our ubuntu-Spirit working theme “charting Paths to happiness”. In line with this, ubuntu in Caldo 2012 was under the motto: Mine Mask – mine face”. In solidarity and friendship, supporters and friends of ubuntu gathered in SOS Children’s Villages summer Camp in Caldonazzo for this project. It was all really a grand success.

"Wings to fly in Caldo"

The Ubuntu-Spirit working motto in Caldo 2013 is “Mindfulness in communication”. Being mindful in communication is like the social value respect. You can only give it to others if you have it for yourself. Therefore mindfulness lead communication is a two-way traffic: be mindful in communicating with yourself and so you will be mindful in communicating with others. We can compare life and living in the SOS Children’s Villages with procedures in an air traffic operation.

It’s all quite about things and circumstances like: preparations, decision makings, starting, taking off, securities, arriving, landing, transfer, crisis, management, communication, mindfulness, responsibility, trust, reliability, finding balance, heart, professionalism, partnership, support, cooperation etc. These are as well factors affecting both the work of SOS Co-workers and the lives of children, their mothers and the Youths in all our SOS families and programmes. Experience shows that the more mindful we are with one another in communication across these levels, the greater the outcome in happiness.

In any situation of mindful communication in interaction with others, creativity, joy, solidarity and happiness become virtues which really lend wings to fly. With the ubuntu project “Wings to fly in Caldo 2013”, the children will experience mindfulness in practice. They will model and construct their airplanes, fashion them to their interests, and in a final show, stage a presentation of their aeroplanes showing the importance of mindfulness in communication at each of the interaction stages.

They will demonstrate to themselves and to others that living values like trust, solidarity, responsibility, friendship, respect and collaboration is being captain of one’s own life.

Forming, constructing, designing, decorating and displaying ...

  • Of small model airplanes with wood, paper, cartons etc.
  • Of airport tower, run way, captain’s hat etc.
  • Presentations


  • Discover own wishes and dreams
  • Children get the chance to design and rehearse life chances
  • Practicing and experiencing of shared intentions and wishes like arriving destinations safely.
  • Getting closer to oneself via self-made instrument of flying and arriving.

Photos and painting: M. El Houssaini Mohamad