ubuntu events

from 2013 to 2017

… and the „art of childhood“ through the lenses of artists, culture-agents and “social engineers”

ubuntu - SOS-Kinderdorf Hermann-Gmeiner-Akademie

ubuntu – the culture-initiative of SOS-Children’s Village appraises the manifold facets of childhood via arts, culture and learning. Artists, people from the culture sector and “social engineers” are invited to transcribe childhood themes into their different areas of work.

We initiate and organise art exhibitions and public readings. We stage benefit and solidarity events in favour of SOS-Children’s Village programmes. Personalities, distinguished in services to childhood and wellbeing of the child are decorated with the honouring call to ubuntu-ambassadors as another means to promote and enliven various still- challenging aspects of childhood and living.

Stimulating and strengthening capacity for self-confidence, community-feeling, delight in individual responsibility and solidarity are among the foundational pillars of the visionary work of SOS-Children’s Villages. ubuntu-educational projects, seminars and workshops are offered to schools to integrate these key qualifications in schools as SOS-Children’s Villages contribution to social and cultural education.

The culture initiative, ubuntu presents the idea and reality of childhood in such a manner that all age brackets easily find the need and a way to accord the condition of childhood continuing respect and appreciation.

Invaluable Childhood


The African social and ethical philosophy ubuntu translates values as trust, responsibility, dignity, love, respect, solidarity and community. These are values which are ineluctable for a happy childhood, a condition out which contented identity emanates. ubuntu firmly stands for a living world suitable to the child. ubuntu calls for the accomplishment of the rights of the child by abhorring the abuse of the child, by detesting violence against the child and loathing the poverty of the child.

ubuntu considers the human being as a community being having essence in mindful encountering. The present conditions of millions of children und youths all over the world inform us that value oriented education and back up of children and young people must be embarked upon to initiate sustainable changes in their living communities.

The Hermann Gmeiner Academy is a “living world” of hospitality, friendship, action and respect. These ubuntu values form the sentinels of the “spirit” of the worldwide SOS-Children’s villages as exemplified in the academy’s conviction that:

  • Education and companionship are routes to forming strong und invaluable identities
  • Drawing attention to cultural activities, human values and worth is a sure way to building up empathy and solidarity.

Also beyond the four walls of the Hermann Gmeiner Academy, SOS-Children’s Village mobilizes ubuntu in advocating for the right of the child.

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