Hermann Gmeiner Day 2013

on Friday 26 April 2013

State of (He)Art in Development Cooperation Development Cooperation and which challenges are taken on by SOS Children´s Villages

„Travelling around the world time and again I see that the world is not lacking of beneficence but lacking of suiting the action to the word.“

Helmut Kutin

photo: © canstockphoto.de

This year we invited to Hermann Gmeiner Day on Friday 26 04 2013


What was to expected?


  • Insight into development cooperation
  • Opinions of experts
  • Your questions will be discussed with the podium


08:45    Opening and Introduction to the topic by Christian Honold
09:00 Karin Demuth (KDI/IO): SOS Kinderdorf: Island of bliss or part of the community?
09:15 Peter Hesse (Peter Hesse Stiftung; consul and graduate in commercial studies): Contemporary Dimensions in Development Cooperation
10:00 Hartwig Fischer member of German parliament about Development Cooperation
10:10 David Katzlinger (KDI/IO): SOS Kinderdorf in Development Cooperation and as Social Developer
10:20 Exchange among participants and formulating questions (including coffee and tea)
11:10 Open questions addressed to podium
11:45 Sofia Garcia-Garcia (KDI N.Y.): About the Post-2015 Agenda
12:00 „´What take I with me from this morning´? “? short summary
12:30 Lunch break
14:00 Departure to SOS-Kinderdorf Imst
15:00 Hermann Gmeiner memorial divine service; music by Mrs Krabichler following coffee and tea
17:00 Departure to Innsbruck