Caldonazzo 2018

"My light - my way"

24. to 27.07.2018


Light is a guide to our lives. The sunlight during the day gives us greater visibility into our life and our actions. The beam of light in the dark also expands our perception, sharpens and focuses our gaze on certain points along our paths. It also gives us a sense of security, security and trust in the world around us. What the light is to the seer is self-confidence and sensory perception for visually impaired or blind people. Light, emotions and senses are constant companions on our paths. Your and my lantern and your and my light are mutual companions and partners in this path and our actions. Together, our lanterns radiate hope and joy for all people.



What do we do?


We make lanterns. It consists of a bottom and a lid; a wooden stick for carrying; a handle; an LED candle and a middle part. This part is a TRANSPARENT FRAME and is designed by the children.




Possibilities of lantern design

  • Working with punching
  • Paint with brush and paint
  • With hand pressure
  • With torn stripes of colored translucent paper
  • etc.


What do we want to teach the children to make the lanterns?

  • Candles / light illuminates the night, delights the heart
  • Working together, celebrating and dancing
  • Connectedness and togetherness
  • A special result and experience: when everything is done together - as the highlight of the work - celebrated
  • Light in the night --- accompaniment
  • Takes fear / in the dark
  • Light comforts and protects. Where there is light is joy. Light accompanies me
  • I contribute so that there is this light at all (can give)




It's nice to have it after dinner when it's getting dark. The trees around the yurt are connected with thick splits and then the lantern attached to the rope. It gives something like "Lichtstrassen". Would be nice if we can find someone who can or who can play the music.




We look forward to participation. If interested, please contact us.
Walter Anyanwu
+43 664 88 66 23 81



For more information please contact:

Dr. Walter Waltz Anyanwu
+43 512 3316 5704