Caldonazzo 2017

The concept 

Together we are strong!

It is an art-educational workshop with the goal to have fun for a week with children during the holidays and to support them, to combine leisure, play, fun and meaningful activity. The next summer, ubuntu- in- Caldo will be held for the seventh time. After "our house - my vote 2015", this time it is "together we are strong".


What are we doing this year?

We want to make a big dinosaur. Small woodcuts in postcard size that make up the dinosaur scales are made. On top of that, the participants will paint, draw and design many small animal forms, people, plants etc. they are then attached to the dinosaur.


What is it / meaning

Close up you can see the great Dino with its different features and components. From a distance, however, you can only see one single shape. It is the same with us humans. At a distance, everyone is simply perceived as a human being. But as we get closer, we discover our different qualities, abilities, and characters. This recognition in the vicinity sometimes leads to friendship, appreciation and sometimes conflict.

  • with each encounter and experience we take away the colors of others and they become part of our character: what color do I want the others to get from me?
  • Every human being has different abilities, qualities and characters: Therefore, one person alone is not sufficient or perfect.
  • no power in itself is enough for life and survival: together we are strong and able to survive.
  • Conflict, war or violence does not just make one person sad: it always affects several people.
  • every human being is colorful in itself: nevertheless, if I allow others to have a positive effect on me, I emit even more joy.
  • Peace and joy as a common interest makes us both individually and collectively even happier and happier.
  • The dinosaur with its history and characters also has great significance for the SOS as a global organization.



  • The big dinosaurs and the small woodcuts in postcard size, all in wood, are being prepared.
  • They are designed by the participants with colors, pens and other materials
  • Together with the children we design the big Dino with the small woodcuts.
  • At the end of the workshop there will be a final presentation.


Do you want, do you want to join?

Then contact / contact:
Walter Waltz Anyanwu



For more information please contact:

Dr. Walter Waltz Anyanwu
+43 512 3316 5704