Caldonazzo 2015

Impressions, experiences and results

Theme: "Our house - my voice"! Please listen to me!

Did you know that the "ubuntu in Caldonazzo Team" is part of the summer program at the SOS Holiday Camp at Caldonazzo Lake again this year, following last year's successful "Friendship Wheel" project? We're going to build a house that can rightly be called the House of Children's Voices. It says: "Our house - my voice". Please listen to me! The children are invited on wooden shingles to present their wishes, dreams, expectations and the world in a picturesque way. In the end, these shingles are attached to a house model.


How did it go? What are the highlights, impressions, experiences and outcomes?

The overall result shows and makes it even clearer that truly "Caldonazzo is the lexicon of beautiful stories" . I invite two volunteers to share their experiences with us.

Foto: W. Anyanwu



For more information please contact:

Dr. Walter Waltz Anyanwu
+43 512 3316 5704