Caldonazzo 2015

Concept for "My voice, our house" / "Please listen to me!"

This summer, at the SOS Children's Village Feriendorf am Caldonazzo See, the art-educational "ubuntu in Caldonazzo" workshop will take place for the seventh time. With every "ubuntu-in-Caldo project", the children at the holiday camp experience the joy of the results of their own abilities and, in addition, enjoy being part of the whole through their work. So it was last year with the " Friendship Wheel " and that's exactly what we hope for with this year's theme: "My voice, our house" / "Please listen to me!".



In order to implement the ubuntu annual theme "to have a voice, to give voice" we (the ubuntu team in Caldo) would like to give each child a loving home and to the situation with the children and carers, our voices on the topic of being a child and the well-being of the child give expression to the children of the world. We hear and work with answers to the questions: What do children want from the world, from themselves, from the SOS Children's Village, from nature and from life? What dreams for today and for the future do you have? What did you always want to say to the SOS Children's Village? Answers to these questions will form the core of the project.



A relatively large degradable wooden house is made. Small woodcuts in postcard size, which make house and roof tiles, are made. These are labeled and painted by the participating children and adults with their answers to our questions. Then the painted and inscribed wooden postcards are attached to the house and attached. So our house gets the character of an ambassador / ambassador and also a mouthpiece of children's voices and children's wishes. With a self-designed speech bubble as a keepsake, the contributing children carry the message / thoughts / message / voice further out into the world. Every voice makes our house even stronger. With your voice, our house is more stable.



There will be a final presentation where the artistically designed messages and messages of the children are communicated, considered and perceived.





Sense and purpose

With the annual ubuntu workshop, we expand and enrich the entertainment, fun and creativity offerings for the kids during their vacations. We create meeting spaces for exchange and friendship between small and large.

Foto: W. Anyanwu



For more information please contact:

Dr. Walter Waltz Anyanwu
+43 512 3316 5704