Caldonazzo 2014

Concept for "The Friendship Wheel"

Summer 2014

For the seventh time, Ubuntu is launching an art-educational project that will expand children's creativity and entertainment during their vacations at SOS Holiday Village on Lake Caldonazzo. The very creative and volunteer ubuntu-in-Caldo team celebrated with the children in the SOS Feriendorf many funny, memorable and sustainable interactions. Successful topics such as "My Mask, My Face (2012), and" Wings to Fly "(2013) have both enriched and brought us much closer to each other. One can say: we all became friends with ubuntu in Caldo. Therefore, we are looking forward to this year again in Caldo with the theme "the Friendship Wheel" to inspire together. Be our friend, become our friend. Join in!


The roots of friendship

The roots of friendship lie in the fact that every person in some form, someday, needs someone else somewhere. Humans have needs such as joy, fun, security, affection, cohesion, etc., for which they need other people and other objects. Fulfilling these needs in a friendship enhances people and brings a piece of beauty into our lives. We all have a desire for beauty: child and adult. A proverb says, "If a face sees something that pleases or pleases, it begins to radiate!" Both living beings and objects in nature are objects of friendship for humans.


Friendship in the SOS Children's Village Feriendorf Caldonazzo

SOS Holiday Village in Caldonazzo is a place of friendship between people, nations, nature and the environment. Supported by the SOS spirit, which is alive in ubuntu values, a livable (Um) world is formed and cultivated. Ubuntu sees man as a community, who is aware of others. With our project "the friendship wheel" we continue the existing one!


Design of the friendship wheel with ubuntu in the holiday village Caldonazzo

The ubuntu theme in Caldo 2014 is "Friendship Wheel". Together with the children, we will place stones of various kinds, which are lying around in the landscape, in the center of an art action. Designed with colors and writings, the children awaken the stones to a new existence. In arches formed with stones or wood, the beautifully designed stones are placed in a mosaic floor. Two iron-formed arches are attached to it and converted into a friendship tent. Stones of different shapes are perforated, painted and inscribed - this decorates the friendship tent. Each participant receives three wooden objects: hearts, heads, flowers, trees, butterflies, stars, wings, house, etc. These are painted and labeled. A piece of each is attached to the friendship tent, a piece is kept and given away to a friend or a friend.

With it, we experience all friendship in the SOS Holiday Village Caldonazzo as a wheel of connectedness, through whose rotation we share in the life of the other, enjoy it and enjoy it together. Even greater is the joy and solidarity in the joint final presentation.

Foto: W. Anyanwu



For more information please contact:

Dr. Walter Waltz Anyanwu
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