Hermann Gmeiner Day 2015

A short retrospection

"Hermann Gmeiner’s Concept of SOS Children’s Village through the ages"
A critical acclaim.

Hermann Gmeiner together with his companions was searching for alternatives to the prevalent models in the alternative care sector in the post-war period in Austria. And what SOS Children’s Villages began to realise as of 1949 in Imst was (and still is) a sensation.

We invited speakers from Hungary (Mr Róbert Gagyi), Albania (Mr Leonard Guni), Spain (Ms Carmen Delgado), Luxembourg (Ms Marianne Brosius and Mr Régis Thill), Germany (Ms Birgit Lambertz) and Austria (Ms Elisabeth Hauser and Mr Otmar Czihak) to share their experiences and insights with regard to needful care programme developments and its consequences for all stakeholders.

Following these inputs participants had the opportunity to read like ‚in an open book‘ and deepening the contents of interest with the spellbinders.


Résumé of the morning programme

Hermann Gmeiner together with his companions and based on the given circumstances at that time elaborated and implemented adequate answers to the care requirements from children and youths. They called it SOS Children’s Villages. Today the same organisation manages jointly with children, youths and families concerned to find coherent answers, further develop and deliver care programmes which meet the needs of our target groups today.

In the afternoon participants had the opportunity to take part in a memorial mass for Hermann Gmeiner in the SOS Children’s Village of Imst.

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