Hermann Gmeiner Award winners 2000-2009

Hermann Gmeiner Award winners 2009

The Hermann Gmeiner Award 2009 went to Kersti Kukk from Estland and to Sandra Bürger from Austria. Kersti Kukk grew up in SOS Children’s Village Keila and studied political science with specialisation to international relations. Sandra Bürger had to care for her diseased father and for herself very early in her life. When she was 15 years old, Sandra obtained support from the SOS programme “Haus am Lohbach”. She was nominated for the steering team of Quality4Children and took part in the elaboration of the Q4C Standards.

Hermann Gmeiner Award winner 2004

The Hermann Gmeiner Award 2006 was presented to the nurse Witnowati from Indonesia. She grew up in SOS Children’s Village Lembang and founded an midwifery centre for the people in the immediate environment.

Hermann Gmeiner Award winner 2002

The Hermann Gmeiner Award 2002 went to MD Enamul Haque from Bangladesh for his outstanding commitment as a medical practitioner.

Hermann Gmeiner Award winner 2000

The Hermann Gmeiner Award 2000 was presented to MD José Francisco Gallardo from Honduras. After spending several years as a street child he found a new home in SOS Children’s Village Tegucigalpa. Later on he completed his medical degree at the university.



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