Family party 2017

Big rush to our family party!

Although our family party 2017 was scheduled rather late in autumn, we had good luck with the weather, as there have been always some sunny moments and the temperatures were perfect for our party - This fact has obviously spread around.

Hundreds of families flocked to our area to spend this afternoon together. In best mood and with a lot of fun and laughter they tried out all the different stations for playing, painting, jumping, etc

A large event like this is only possible with the joint efforts of many people and so our great thanks is going to:

the co-workers of the Hermann Gmeiner Academy, who worked in preparation, organization, setup and at the welcome station, who sold vouchers and drinks and very important had an eye on keeping the place clean and tidy.



Robert Steinkellner and our kitchen-team who spoiled all guests with a variety of BBQ specialties.



Tom Kugener – with „Das Spielvolk“ verlinkt mit and all his partners for all the spectacular stations and their outstanding commitment with hundreds of children.


the staff of „Das Spielvolk“ who supported visitors small and big to improve their skills at the fairground attractions.

the tireless helpers who have been sieged at making giant soap bubbles and face painting and Tom, who at the end had no single balloon left.


the artists who guided visitors through painting and creating very cool pieces of art



Robert Ganahl, a magician who managed to amaze not only kids.



Reinhard Rott of the fire brigade Amras, for uncountable rounds with the fire brigade truck

Claudia Walgenbach and Walli, who took children to a very special yoga journey.

The farmer’s women from Amras, who offered their delicious “Tyrolean Kiachl” one more year.

den Amraser Bäurinnen, die auch heuer wieder mit ihren Kiachln begeisterten:

Edit Molnár, who invented a navigation game around how to use a compass, and so kids learned about our area in a very new way.

Wolfi Ruech and Bernhard Meischberger, who toured around with the SOS mini train all day long, to give everybody – some several times – the possibility for this little journey.

And last but not least Werner Gstrein, Christoph Mantl-Mussack and Philipp Zass, who took a lot of inspiring photos of this happy afternoon.

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Das Spielvolk


DEZ Einkaufszentren





Stadt Innsbruck



Frisch & Tiefkühlwaren KG

Bäckerei Hueber



Handelshaus Wedl






Weinkellerei Meraner