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SOS-Kinderdorf ÜBER UNS - Publikation in der Hermann-Gmeiner-Akademie

“About us. SOS Children’s Villages – A loving home for every child” is a joint project of SOS-Kinderdorf -International, Hermann-Gmeiner-Fonds Deutschland e.V., SOS-Kinderdorf*, SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. and Hermann Gmeiner Academy. On the occasion of the 70th birthday of president Helmut Kutin (2011), we pay homage to 45 active years serving children, youths, but also the co-workers of SOS Children’s Villages, 27 of these years as president of SOS-Kinderdorf International. We pay him our deepest respect for his outstanding, tireless commitment to the SOS Children’s Villages idea and movement. Thank you for the many energetic discussions and resolute action enabling us to achieve what makes SOS Children’s Villages so unique!

Richard Pichler, secretary general of SOS-Kinderdorf International; Wilfried Vyslozil, board member of the Hermann-Gmeiner-Fonds Deutschland e.V.; Christian Moser, managing director of SOS-Kinderdorf; Kay -Vorwerk, managing director of SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.; Christian Honold, managing director of SOS Children’s Villages Hermann Gmeiner Academy.

* Correct name of “SOS Children’s Villages Austria” as listed in the Austrian register of associations.