It is possible to purchase different publications directly in the Hermann Gmeiner Academy. The topics of the publications differ from stories of SOS mothers, knowledge transfer or tracing the roots of SOS Children’s Villages.

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Further Information:

  • 60 Years SOS Children´s Villages

    60 Years SOS Children´s Villages

    This book invites its readers to a visual journey through time by showing 200 fotos about the foundation and further history of development of SOS Children´s Villages beginning 1949 up to 1986. It´s a story about human beings who impressed through their courage as well as their compassion. A story, in which the child is in the centre of all our efforts. more ...
  • Women's Lives -  SOS Mothers Around the World Tell Their Stories

    Women's Lives

    Fifteen women from four continents have permitted the reader to gain an insight into their life stories. They all have one thing in common: they have chosen to become SOS mothers. What are these women's personal backgrounds? How do they organize their daily lives in the SOS Children's Villages? In the portraits on hand the women give answers to these questions and many more more ...
  • When Knowledge Sparks a Flame - Knowledge communication in the international non-profit organisation SOS Children' Villages

    When Knowledge Sparks a Flame

    How can we successfully make the right knowledge available to the right people at the right time? How can we support co-workers in transferring and implementing knowledge? And how can the challenges involved be met? These are the questions SOS Children's Villages has been dealing with in great detail over the last couple of years. more ...
  • Childhood and Trauma - Separation, Abuse, War

    Childhood and Trauma

    Experts from eight different countries gathered in order to discuss the causes and effects of trauma. more ...
  • About Us - SOS Children’s Villages

    About Us - SOS Children’s Villages

    This book places special emphasis on the story of SOS Children’s Villages over the past 25 years. In five subsequent chapters we present the international work of SOS Children’s Villages with the help of thematic focuses. more ...