Hermann Gmeiner Award

The Hermann Gmeiner Award can be awarded every second year. It is a monetary prize which is assigned for extraordinary performances on humanitarian, professional, sporting, educational or cultural domain. The particular target group for this price is men and women who grew up in an SOS Children’s Villages programme and young people who live in an SOS programme. 

All SOS CV’s co-workers are invited to participate in an online voting process. It is awarded to people or groups of people that have grown up at an SOS Children's Village or young people that are currently living in one. The money comes from the interest gained on an earmarked foundation. The award is currently 5,000 euros per awardee.

Local facility directors, national and regional directors, as well as the continental directors, the Secretary General and the President of SOS-Kinderdorf International are on the lookout for suitable candidates everywhere across the world where SOS Children's Villages is active: young people who are making use of the opportunities they have and are leading successful lives, whether that be because they are finishing their education despite adverse circumstances, or because they have passed their final exams with flying colours, or made an exceptional achievement in social areas.

Winners 2012-2018

Award winners 2018

  • Maria Anggelina from Indonesia
  • Murura Sirigere from India

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Award winners 2016

  • Daliborka Matanovic from Croatia
  • William Silva dos Santos from Brazil

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Award winners 2014

  • Maya Dhal from India
  • Christian Deepak from Nepal

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Award winners 2012

  • Rama Karki from Nepal

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Winners 1991-2009

Award winners 2000 - 2009

  • Kersti Kukk from Estonia
  • Sandra Bürger from Austria
  • Witnowati from Indonesia
  • Quendi Appleton from Liberia
  • Dr. Enamul Haque from Bangladesh
  • Dr. José Francisco Gallardo from Honduras

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Award winners 1991 - 1997

  • Qi Qi from China
  • Olatungie Woode and John Conteh from Sierra Leone
  • Brigitte Maier, Seekirchen from Austria
  • Dr. German Calderon Espinoza from Nicaragua
  • Willy Huber from Somalia

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For more information please contact:

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