... of the cultural assets and records of SOS Children’s Villages

Task description or what's it all about?

Our vision is that everyone who is interested – whether as a co-worker or a member of the general public – should be able to find answers at the Hermann Gmeiner Academy to questions relating to the historical development of SOS Children’s Villages. We are working in a first phase on taking an inventory, recording and digitalising sound, video and photo material as well as artistic heritage and cultural assets, gifts, inheritances, pictures and manuscripts of the supporting associations of SOS Children’s Villages, namely SOS-Kinderdorf International (based in Innsbruck and Vienna), SOS-Kinderdorf Österreich (based in Innsbruck), Hermann-Gmeiner Fonds Deutschland e.V. as well as SOS-Kinderdorf Deutschland e.V.(both in Munich). In a second phase additional SOS Children’s Villages associations will be integrated.

Target groups: co-workers of SOS Children's Village, donors, interested parties -> general public

Target formulation: The results of this archiving project are intended to trace the roots and further historical development of SOS Children’s Villages.


  1. Design and planning of the archival processing project

  2. Analysis of existing material: This step includes the analysis of the material to be processed, the determination of its structure, characterization of individual groups of archives (distinctions, pictures, presents, etc.), defining the level of processing and the extent of the material.

  3. Preparatory and supportive tasks: Supportive tasks are ordering and packing the records, occasionally conserving and restoring material as well designing and setting up an 'Access' database.

  4. Development of finding aid: Once the preparatory work is finished, the scientific processing of the cultural and arts objects as well as of the records of SOS Children's Villages is carried out by means of a database.

  5. Digitalization: This step includes photographing and scanning the reports, especially as a safety and precautionary measure.