... of the cultural assets and records of SOS Children’s Villages

  • Have you ever asked yourself about the roots of SOS Children’s Villages?
  • Have you always wanted to know how the structure and tasks of SOS Children’s Villages have changed?



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photo: SOS-Archiv*
Because we take an inventory of, record and digitalise the artistic heritage and cultural assets as well as historical documents of SOS Children’s Villages. This is done by means of a database which, by means of search functions, helps to answer questions about the history of SOS Children’s Villages or supports research into its historical development. In this way, the cultural assets and records of SOS Children’s Villages are both documented and made available to the public.

How can you benefit?

We can provide you with information concerning pictorial, sound and textual resources on the history of SOS Children’s Villages.

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*image description:
1949: meeting of the first co-workers of the emergent association "Societas Socialis", which was renamed "SOS Children's Village", location: barrack at Rennweg, English Garden, Innsbruck

(from left to right: Helene Didl, Maria Hofer, Hermann Gmeiner and another co-worker)
On the wall: a sketch of a SOS Children's Village house by Ing. Alpenheim