To demonstrate appreciation is a heartfelt wish for us!


With special joy we recognise with these awards SOS CV’s mothers and –fathers, other co-workers, former programme participants as well as other deserving characters for their extraordinary commitment.



The SOS-Kinderdorf ring


The SOS CV’s ring can be awarded to SOS CV’s mothers and fathers at the earliest after 10 years of continuous service in this very function and is seen as a special appreciation of their challenging commitment and a thank you for their performance.

The bestowal is organized in a solemnly ceremony in the operation country of the mothers respectively fathers. The handover is a task of the president of the Hermann Gmeiner Academy or the president of SOS CV’s International. Beyond that also members of the board of the Hermann Gmeiner Academy are entitled to handover the ring.

The very first bestowal took place at the SOS CV in Imst in the year 1954 and was done by Hermann Gmeiner himself. 


The badge of honour in gold of SOS Children’s Village



The badge of honour of SOS CV’s can be awarded to personages who showed special commitment to SOSCV’s.


photos: © A. Kahura, Hermann-Gmeiner-Akademie