Maria Anggelina

Administrative staff, Kindergarten of Good Shepherd Sisters, Batam, Indonesia

Maria Anggelina is a champion for the cause of children and marginalised women in Indonesia. She is particularly active in trying to save children who have been trafficked to Batam, an island in Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago. As part of her work with the Good Shepherd Sisters, Ms Anggelina and a team cooperate with law enforcement, the military, social services and church organisations to combat human trafficking on the island. Thanks to their efforts, at least 40 victims have been rescued and returned to their home villages.

Seeing many cases, especially ones where children from her own hometown have fallen victim, makes Ms Anggelina very grateful to have been cared for by SOS Children’s Villages Flores in Indonesia. She realises, if it were not for SOS Children's Villages, she could have been a victim of trafficking herself. By raising the awareness of parents and children, Ms Anggelina hopes to reduce the number of trafficking victims.

“Ms Anggelina is so dedicated and ready to make sacrifices for the sake of children and marginalised women. She is a positive example for all Indonesian women.”

Natalina Sangapta, Human Resources & Organisational Development Manager, SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia