Dr Muruga Sirigere

Medical Doctor, Mysore Medical College, Mysore, India

Dr Muruga is a doctor who, in the true spirit of the medical profession, donates his time to serve some of the neediest people. Growing up in the SOS Children’s Village Bangalore, he always aspired to serve the unwanted, unnoticed and unloved. Through his medical practice, he gives free medical care to the poor but in particular, to children with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, as well as those who are hearing impaired. Dr Muruga also mentors young people, especially those who have dropped out of school, encouraging them to pursue their studies and their dreams.


“Dr Muruga serves the underprivileged and the poorest of the poor with missionary zeal. He is a man devoted to others. People look to him as a source of inspiration. He always encourages young people to reach for the stars.”

Hemant Das, Village Director, SOS Children’s Villages India