Hermann Gmeiner Award 2009

Sandra Bürger (23 years), Austria

Hermann-Gmeiner-Preisträgerin 2009: Sandra Bürger, Österreich
After the early death of her mother, Sandra had to care for herself as well as for her ill father. When Sandra was 15 years old her father came into a senior’s residence and she had nowhere to stay.

SOS Children’s Village came to her aid and offered her a home within the “Haus am Lohbach” in Innsbruck. In this SOS Children’s Village youth facility Sandra could enjoy care and support. She proved to be a very independent young girl who found her way through life.
Hermann-Gmeiner-Preisträgerin 2009: Sandra Bürger, Österreich
She always aimed high and worked hard to reach her goals. Her overwhelming love to life helped her to face upcoming problems with a smile.

In 2004 she proudly finished school with distinction and began her studies. In the same year she was nominated for the steering group of Quality4Children and she took part in the elaboration of the Q4C Standards.

photos: S. Bürger