Helmut Kutin Award winners 2012

Hanan Al A'Awar from Jordan

Helmut-Kutin-Preis Gewinnerin 2012: Hanan Al Aawar
Foto: SOS-Archiv

"She is as gentle as a dove, honest and clear - a tender mother by all means." That is how Husam Abu Joab, Village Director of Amman, Jordan, describes SOS Mother Hanan Al A’awar. "She taught all of her 24 children how to love and be loved, respect themselves and reflect that on others. She’s their reference and guardian in everything," he says "A mother is not only the woman who gives birth, but the one who teaches her children the right way to go. Just like my mother Hanan did for us," says one of her daughters, Ghadeer Taylikh, who is today studying at King Abdullah’s Kings Academy. "She gave us all her love and joy. Without words, she felt when we were sad or happy", Ghadeer adds.


Village Director Husam Abu Joab considers "Mama Hanan" one of the great assets of his village: "A mother loves her children most divinely not when she surrounds them with comfort and anticipates their needs, but when she resolutely holds them to the highest standards and is content with nothing less than their best. This is Mama Hanan, with her devotion and love for her job, her children and her SOS family."

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