Keep moving summer party 2014

6th summer party in July 2014


For the 6th time we invite you our dear colleagues, our neighbors and friends to join the Hermann Gmeiner Academy’s beWEGen summer party. A variety of activities from acrobatics to handicraft work will be offered. Do not miss Christian Waldner performing a show at 2 p.m. on a long slack line over the football pitch.


Play, be creative, try out new sports from 12:00 to 18:00



Variety of delicious food

Tasty icecream, fluffy cake, juicy fruits, cooling juices and refreshments



to the farmwomen from Amras, Junbauern Ampass and the women of Startwohnen Projekt from  Red Cross Austria for the delicious dishes.


Workshops and stations

Cometas - tinker signs of peace, draw images with the Farbschleuder, make heads of grass, make music with Viktor Scheiber at the Singwerkstatt, dance with Sandra Schwab, beat the drums with Demba Diatta and acrobatics and horseplay with Tom Kugener and "Sid" Johannes Schab of Das Spielvolk.


One of the highlights was: show of Christian Waldner

Such a party is only possible by consolidation the efforts of:


Supporters and dedicated volunteers



Many thanks to all of our guests!
We enjoyed the day and are looking forward to the next keep moving summer party 2015!