Keep moving summer party

With the "keep moving" summer parties designed and carried out from 2009 to 2014 by Adult Training (Irene Gleirscher) with support of all co-workers of the Hermann Gmeiner Academy we tried to playfully facilitate social learning. By involving societies, groups and persons from the local neighbourhood as well as with a migration background we wanted to focus on the potential of diversity.

Every year we invited people of all ages under the headline of encounter for a large variety of sportive, musical, creative and playful activities. Now we are looking back to six really successful parties each with about 300 visitors and we all will keep them in good memory.

Now it is time for a change and therefore we would like to inform you that from autumn 2016 the seminar house team of the Hermann Gmeiner Academy will organise and carry out a new variegated family party.


We keep you informed under family party!
Keep moving summer parties
From 2010 to 2014 we celebrated the diversity of people with our "keep moving" summer parties. We transformed the entire area of SOS Children’s Villages’ Hermann Gmeiner Academy into a large space for recreational activities. The aim of keep moving summer party was to:
•bring children and families together in a fun-filled environment through a range of musical, creative, sporting and food-based activities
•foster the potential for unity in diversity among a wide range of generations, genders, and people with different mother tongues and cultural backgrounds
•create space for people to meet, helping them to co-exist successfully
Why "beWEGen" - keep moving?