Introduction days

for new co-workers

A unique opportunity to learn more about SOS Children’s Villages as an international federation but also to meet other co-workers and discover and exchange on individual experiences within diverse positions and projects.

What can PARTICIPANTS expect to happen during the Introduction Days?


They will get to know the history, vision and mission of SOS and how it all began, visit a programme, understand how the federation is set up and governed, get more insights from colleagues representing different functions and positions within the federation, make use of the opportunity to network and connect with people with similar interests from the federation and share best practices and knowledge.


Questions like


• How does SOS Children’s Villages answer the needs of children at risk of losing parental care?
• How does the international cooperation look like?
• Who collaborates with whom in order to create this support for the children in need?
will be part of our discussions.

We focus on the use interactive participatory methods like:

  • World Café
  • Sightseeing walk to track the historic roots of SOS Children´s Villages
  • Quiz
  • Programme visit
mixed with presentations and discussions. We always make sure, there is enough time for networking.

Target Group

  • All new permanent co-workers at the General Secretariat and at Promoting and Supporting Associations who have started working within the last 6 months and who require knowledge of the SOS federation and GSC structure.
  • Participation of interns is recommended if they have another 6 months of employment.
Per each Introduction Days session, we are happy to welcome and host 30 participants.

Introduction Days take place two times per year, usually in Spring and Autumn.

Next dates:

Monday, 23 September to Thursday, 26 September 2019

Monday, 25 November to Thursday, 28 November 2019

Venue: Hermann Gmeiner Academy

Colleagues from international Human Resource Development, the contact partner for all Promoting and Supporting Assocications of SOS CV and the co-workers from the Hermann Gmeiner Academy’s Education team co-organise the “Introduction Days”.

For information and registration please contact

Gabriella Reuter
+ 43 512 3310 5349