Review on Harvesting 2012

part 1 of 2

Harvesting is a process of event with as diverse connotations as there are social, cultural, religious, traditional and organisational set ups. One thing common to all circumstances of harvesting is the presupposition to have sown in the past. Bringing in the fruits of labour past gives deep happiness and reasons to rejoice. Suffix is to say that the very first attitude to harvesting is appreciation. 


In an organisational form like our SOS Children’s Villages, Harvesting is a storytelling frame for sharing and transferring of knowledge, experiences and good practices of what is working, what is energizing and enlivening. That is to say, through storytelling questionings of appreciative nature are asked thereby initiating change and action./p>


Review of Harvesting 2012 - part 2


Fotos: A. Gabriel, G. Margreiter, Harvesting-Teilnehmer, Hermann-Gmeiner-Akademie