Temilola Bolu-Olaoluwa

National Accountant SOS Children's Villages in Nigeria

Big courage on little shoulders

On graduation day Mercyfelt like the queen of her own destiny and all could see her joy and the new expectations as she walked off into the world. Only a few years before, Mercy was very young and na├»ve, but even then she could see beyond her present that the future held better things for her.

The trust in herself made her stay focused on her vision of going to university: “Yes if others are there, I can be too”, she would tell herself. But the entrance exams were a big hurdle. She had failed twice and many told her to go learn a trade: “Why waste time and money?” queried a close relative.

However, looking at the life of others without university education, Mercy chose to follow her heart and her dream to become a graduate. But it would not be easy. It would take lots of determination, humility and a lot of hard work. But she was prepared to do all it took to pass the entrance exams.

She decided to register for the exams for the third time. This time she went the extra mile, she studied beyond the normal syllabus, collected and solved questions from the exams of the past 10 years and she also got a teacher/instructor to study with her. She was even ready to learn from a younger brother and anyone who was willing to share knowledge with her, no matter the age or status. This is not always easy but is a way to learn humility and respect.
Finally she took the exam and this time she passed. The day she got the positive results was like a miracle. All was set for her to be a university student. On matriculation day she felt it was already her day of graduation. Why? She already saw herself graduating! All the efforts she had put in the preparation for the entrance exams had built in her a strong study habit which saw her through university.

Finally, graduation came. The voice that told her to give up on her dream came again but this time to congratulate her.

Looking back, she considers the decision to get educated a great milestone in her life. It has opened a new world of opportunity for her. It gave her a good employment opportunity, a good family, the chance to meet people from all over the world and much more; moreover she can still learn any trade of her choice if she so desires now that she holds a university degree.

Youths, you are to be brave. Set goals and pursue them; and if you fail, try again. Never walk in anyone’s shadow, take responsibility for your life. Be focused and see the sky not as the limit but as the beginning for you. You shall surely make it!
 1 Original name has been changed to maintain confidentiality

Temilola Bolu-Olaoluwa

is the National Accountant of SOS CV Nigeria. She joined SOS CV in August 2006.

As an accountant in the National Office her activities involve various accounting functions which range from records keeping over monitoring of income account and bookings to preparation of monthly cash flow for national associations and fund development. Preparation of budget performance for the national office and fund development also count to her work task. These are onerous taks demanding meticulous attention, concentration and trust.

Her family: Temi is the third of 7 children. She is married and lives with her husband in Lagos, Nigeria. She testifies to happy and positive experiences in marriage and with her husband as a youth pastor. They have a deep love of children, youth and God, and they live in harmony. They together enjoy the company of their parents, siblings, other family members, friends and colleagues. That’s why much of her leisure is spent with her family. As a Christian she enjoys reading the Bible and praying togetherwith her family. She takes time to listen to Christian music and read Christian literature.

She devotes much of her interest to the welfare of the young people in Lagos – a very populous city. It is most disheartening how many children and young people lack good parental care and have to face life without good guidance.

In her own little way and in collaboration with her husband and a Christian youth she tries to bring FirozAhmadmentoring schemes in order to equip them for a better future. These shared times of mutual interaction have proven very helpful, she concludes.