Monika Ivanova

Women who grew up in an SOS Childen's Village SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria
Monika Ivanova


Monika grew up in SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria and took part in the Harvesting workshop in this special role. She shared her story about her childhood in SOS. She finished her studies at the National Academy for Film and Theatre in Sofia, Bulgaria and sees teamwork as one of the major assets she builds on when she is directing a film.

Monika describes herself as a person who loves to observe and is hungry to learn, to meet new people and to experience life. In her free time she loves travelling, reading and watching movies. She also likes to meet family and friends. Monika now lives on her own, which is a new experience for her. 

Bulgaria is a country in south-eastern Europe. The majority of the population lives in the urban centres, where cultural and economic activities are concentrated. Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007, after transitioning from a communist republic to a democracy and a market-based economy.