Mohammad Faizul Kabir

Project Director Chittagong SOS Children’s Villages in Bangladesh

Believing in the Child’s Dream

K1 and J2 are biological brothers and came to SOS Children’s Village at their early age in 1989. K is younger. They have lost their both parents. Unfortunately and for whatever reason their relatives were unable to look after them. So finding no other way they were admitted and integrated into an SOS family at SOS Children’s Villages C. When they came, they were malnourished and sick. But within some months they were recovered with good support from their SOS mother. Both of them are now adults and integrated into the society having university degree which is only possible because they were brought up in an SOS Children’s Village.

Otherwise it would not have been possible as they were from a very poor family background. Now they are grateful and also confident in life.

K was lively and intelligent from his boyhood on. He was a student of P High School, one of the reputed schools in the city. His performance was good at school and he has passed secondary school certificate exam with good marks. Beyond that he was the member of young learner’s centre of the British Council as well as he has been a good scout. After having completed HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) at another well reputed institution he tried to get admission at any public university for honours degree. In B nowadays it is very tough to get admission to a public university because of hard competition. Education in public university is our standard and beyond this also cheaper. K finally was selected in philosophy subject at C University. As he had a science background he was eager to study in science ruled subjects. Unfortunately he had no option at that time and so he has been admitted to the Philosophy department. So he was very upset and frustrated as he could not achieve his desired goal – to study in science subjects such as botany, zoology or geography.

Then he came to me and shared all these things. It was clear to me that he needed help. After some joint reflections it was clear that he would like to apply for second time for the admission test. One has to know that public universities provide two time chances. Considering his mental situation and eagerness for studying science I fully agreed with him although it was clear that it was time consuming and also quite  expensive. Then he again appeared at the admission test for the second time and he got the chance to study in Geography and Environment at the C University. He got first class marks in Honours and also in Masters. Then he joined the very well recognized R College as lecturer.

At present K lives a dignified life and he often visits his native home where he helps the rural poor students. He also comes regularly to the Children’s Village and inspires his brothers and sisters for achieving good education. K expressed his satisfaction about having taken the career of his dream. He is now a role model for our children in the village.

I had trust on K that getting a second chance would be of use to him in order to get admission to any good subject that would fit to him. He also had full respect to me and he did hard work for achieving good results. I feel that I have shown courage at that time to allow him for appearing admission test for a second time. I think my caring attitude also helps me to take such decisions.
1 ; 2 Original name has been changed to maintain confidentiality

Mohammad Faizul Kabir

participated in Harvesting 2014 as Village Director of SOS CV Chittagong Bangladesh with a total of thirty three years of SOS CV working experiences. He joined SOS CVI in 1981. First as Educational and Recreational Guide and Youth Educator. Later he got in charge of SOS Youth Village Dhaka to setup SOS Vocational Training Centre there. After which he moved from SOS Social Centre Khulna to assume the responsibility of Assistant Village Director of SOS CV Khulna. And from 1991, he is the Village Director of SOS CV Chittagong. His professional background is social worker. He feels happy working for the children and contributing to shaping their future as well he also enjoys to work as National Brand Advisor.

He is from Noakhali, eastern part of Bangladesh and the eldest child to a family of ten children. He is married and blessed with two daughters both of them in the university. His family lives in the Children’s Village and feels part of the community and finds a descent way of life in the village.

In his leisure time he likes to walk, loves sightseeing, travels passionately. Kabir much likes reading, listening to music and watching drama series. He enjoys children’s sports in the afternoon in the village and chatting with kids.

With his professional knowledge he endeavours to contribute through different activities to the development of his society. His interests are in Child Rights, Child Protection, Education and other social development issues.