Zhuoma Lamu

Village Director Lhasa SOS Children's Villages in China

Treasure the good relationship that would give more prosperity!
A story by Lamu Zhuoma together with Hua Li

Lamu is the Village Director of SOS Children’s Village Lhasa. I first met her in 2002 when she was the Director of the Human Resource Department of Lhasa Civil Affairs Bureau. The first impression that she gave me at our first meeting was:  she is a hospitable, friendly and kind lady.

Lamu became the Village Director of SOS Children’s Village Lhasa in 2006 and I was very happy to see her when she came to the village because I like her personality. As we got on working together and getting closer more and more, she became not only my “leader” at work, but also in my life; she became my elder sister. By this union of professional demands and personal passion, I respect and trust Lamu as both my directress and my sister. This is a unique merge which has turned into a treasure.

For instance, when my directress Lamu first came to the village, I didn’t have much work experience. It happened that I sometimes did not work very well. She didn’t criticize me; rather, she encouraged me and taught me how to do it. By that measure, I developed more confidence at work. It is now eight years we have been working together in the village and I have improved a lot in my work. 

My directress Lamu cares a lot for me in my life. I still remember this hard but happy incident. It was on March 25, 2008 as I was in the hospital on a labour bed expecting my first born child. Complications seemed to be arising and the doctor, my husband and I were debating on the best possible and life-saving option for my child and myself in response to the situation. In that heat of uncertainty, I thought of my directress. I called her and informed her about my situation and what the doctor who was attending to me was suggesting. According to him, he wanted to get my baby out by operation. After deep considerations, my director advised saying: “if there is a little hope, you should give your baby a natural birth yourself. I have the experience of it.”

I accepted this suggestion of hers based on personal experience. Fortunately, I gave birth to my son very happily and this good news my husband and I shared first of all with my directress and we rejoiced all together. On the third day after the birth of my baby, my directress visited us in the hospital. She carried my baby in her hands and said: “cute baby, let me carry you. Your baby son looks like you”, she said to me. I was moved to tears.  Even till today whenever I say: many thanks to her for her goodness to me and my child, she joyfully reminds me that we are sisters. That also continues to contribute to my happiness as a human person. And as she daily extends the same care and support to my child who is now six years old, she enriches both my private and professional work life. My baby son affectionately calls her “mother director”. I am very happy seeing a treasured relationship maturing into more and more prosperity.