Erika Sunnemark

Manager Sponsorships SOS Children's Villages in Sweden

A brilliant collaboration effort

For me, it is a privilege to work for SOS Children’s Villages. It is a feeling of privilege arising from knowing that every effort we make has two strong purposes: namely, to give the most vulnerable children a loving home and to help as many vulnerable children as possible. It is indeed a very motivating cause to work for, since it makes it quite easy for me to know why I am going to my work every day. This awareness alone arouses in me feelings of enjoyment. Still more stirring to rising up and jumping up and down in excitement is the capacity of realizing the diversity of segments of functions needed to be brought into action for every inch of success we make to be possible. It is a story about this that I am going to tell now.

It is a story about a successful fundraising campaign performed recently in my country, a large campaign with many co-workers from different departments being involved!

It was like this: As the marketing and communication teams were competently busy creating and producing appealing and relevant materials for the campaign, the service team was tireless in designing and keeping a high service level towards the donors as well as being able to respond to questions in an effective and relevant way.  Also simultaneously in action was the database section. They passionately and meticulously see to it that all data “memories” are in order so that the desired donors can not only be easily contacted but also served with relevant information as well as keeping track of all donations.

Very important to the turning chain of action for the success of our project was the data analysis section. It is a section that is very open and tireless in testing new things and finding out what works better. It offers the big advantage of learning from doing, thereby being in the position to improve campaigns and their results. This section and its specializations function like a self-controlling mechanism, because in basing on earlier experiences and practices, decisions on how to proceed in upcoming activities become easier.
Different but equally important, each of the above-mentioned segments and tasks with the co-workers piloting them collaboratively contributed to the huge success of our fundraising campaign, and none of the parts could have been missing, otherwise the success would not have been what it is: To raise as much money as possible for us to be able to help more children in need!

Compare it to a beehive with each bee having its particular function and specialization. With each bee performing its assignment with passion and skill, their differing skills and competences collaboratively contribute to the general success and sustainability of the bee colony.

Erika Sunnemark

is a sponsorship co-worker in the areas of fundraising and loyalty at SOS CV in Sweden. She joined SOS CV in the year 2000 initially as a volunteer during her student days. 

Since 2005 she has been in sponsorship services. SOS Sweden mainly works in fundraising.
Her family: Erika is originally from Karlstad and has been living in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, for about 20 years. She is the youngest in her family and has two older brothers. They both have three children each. Erika enjoys spending time with her family and with her close friends.
Traveling is one of the best things Erika knows. Last summer she was on safari in Kenya and it was fantastic! She also likes Sri Lanka and Italy very much and loves to return to these countries. Other interests of hers are: photography, skiing, going to theatre and movies.
She takes interest in environmental issues. Therefore, she rides to and from work by bike most parts of the year. She tries to buy eco-friendly food and buy clothes from companies with clear policies regarding conditions of employment and production as much as possible.