Claudia Reichl

Teamleader International Programme Funding SOS Children's Villages Worldwide HGFD

Claudia Reichl

In 2007, I joined SOS Children’s Villages Hermann Gmeiner Fonds Germany e.V. in the finance division working part-time. Our division was responsible for all financial issues related to Latin America and the Carribean. In 2009, I assumed the position I hold today with the department changing name from finance division to what it is today. Our functions range from transfer of funds to the national associations to supporting the managing directors in decision-making processes for funds allocations. 

My family consists of my son Caspar who is 10 years old, my husband, my parents, my sister and friends, many of whom are contacts from my first school year. Two years ago when I was diagnosed breast cancer, I felt happy having all these people around me at that challenging time! Now I am cured. Lucky me! It is now quite exciting seeing me being there with and for them all, especially for my son.

Moving from normal necessity of fending for daily life to the point of coming up to ask for the meaning of life and what one works for, are a combination of factors that bring about change in life and in general society. This was the point I came to after five years of working experience with one of the big four audit companies in the corporate finance division. Coinciding with the birth of my son, I felt the need for change. Working for an NGO (HGFD) really satisfies me and I feel I can give something back to society. I am involved in the parent´s association of the school my son attends.

Leisure time for me is work, organising, management, relaxation, entertainment and socializing. I organise the stream flow of our family from daily routines to things like holidays, doctor consultations, training schedules of my son etc. I like to read books, play and learn with my son, spend time with my parents and enjoying time out with friends in Munich beer and English gardens. I do sometimes try out my luck in a sports club; something I am not always successful in doing!