Adult training

The primary educational mandate of the Hermann Gmeiner Academy targets SOS co-workers from around the world. In addition to this, specific events also address the local population. We take a holistic educational approach. Every co-worker identifies personally with the organisation as a whole, every individual develops his or her own way of interacting with society, participants at our events are strengthened in this and are invited to reflect, paving the way for inspiration to follow – these are the educational functions of the Hermann Gmeiner Academy.

Day events provide additional scope for discussion, possibilities for networking and the exchange of knowledge.

Educational opportunities for SOS co-workers


Harvesting time is when SOS Children’s Villages co-workers from around the world come together to share stories about their best moments in their work. Harvesting workshops were developed to find out what functions really well in the day-to-day activities of SOS Children’s Villages, what gives SOS co-workers strength, and what we in the organisation can build upon.

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Introduction Days for new SOS Children's Villages co-workers

A unique opportunity to learn more about SOS Children’s Villages as an international federation but also to meet other co-workers and discover and exchange on individual experiences within diverse positions and projects.

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Development Cooperation Talks

Raising awareness on the work of SOS CV as a development cooperation organization engineering social development in all our areas of operation is the challenge we undertake with all participant in the series of talks on development cooperation. The DC-Talks is an internal platform offering spaces for learning, sharing and discussion opportunities on central issues like development, development cooperation, partnership, help, needs, sustainability, diversity, social development etc.

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Visiting SOS Children's Programmes


Events for the general public