Need for a new building

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Mittagessen vor dem SOS-Jugendhaus

During the following years, new SOS Children's Villages were built in all Austrian provinces but the youth facility in Innsbruck remained the only place young people from all over Austria could move to after leaving their SOS Children's Villages.

Due to the tremendous demand, the decision to construct a new building was taken in 1958 and was rapidly put into practice. The sport and leisure time on offer at the Egerdach youth facility (nature on the doorstep, sports field, gym, etc.) was unique in youth care at that time. But soon even the new building reached its capacity. In peak times it was home to up to one hundred young people, who received guidance, assistance and care.


"Am Brunnen vor dem Hause"

These "extended groups" were not in line with the "family-based" educational concept of SOS Children's Villages. Moreover, moving to Innsbruck meant another painful break in the personal history of the young people, who had only just started to gain a foothold and confidence within their SOS family.






Neubau Jugendhaus Egerdach

For these reasons, SOS Children's Village facilities were soon established in all Austrian provincial capitals. This allowed young people to make use of the variety of urban training opportunities while maintaining contact with their SOS mothers, brothers and sisters and the social environment that was familiar to them as they lived relatively close to their SOS Children's Villages.




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photos: R. Maurhard