Judith Dengler, BA

SOS Archives

Job description

The documentation of the SOS Children's Village History (SOS Archives) describes in a comprehensive development project the foundation and development of this world's largest private children's charity. From the roots to the present - exciting search for clues in a living, growing non-profit organization.

Miss Dr. Zeindl, a historian and art historian from the city archives of Innsbruck, is entrusted with the professional development of the SOS documentation through a project-related employment contract.


  • Viewing the existing archive material
  • Systematics and description
  • Development of archive system and maintenance of documents
  • Consult contemporary witnesses
  • Supervision of the HGA library

"What is important to me"

I like people, music and Venice. I like the fact that in Chinese there is one and the same character for: the crisis and the opportunity!