Andrea Hochstaffl

Brian Larsen

Claudia Baumgartner

Güler Kücük

Ingrid Rott

Karin Elzinger

Rezzan Özcan

Rumyana Kazalova

Uthiwan Pattanasan

job description

The cleaning team is responsible in the hotel area for the cleanliness in the areas of guest rooms, seminar rooms, leisure areas including indoor pool and gymnasium, foyers and toilet facilities including terraces. In addition, the ladies and a gentleman attend the seminar breaks of all events , are responsible for the breakfast buffet and lunch delivery and do the hotel laundry in the in-house laundry.

In addition, our cleaning team is responsible for the maintenance and basic cleaning of all office areas of SOS Children's Villages International (about 200 workplaces with coffee kitchens, toilets etc.).

"What is important to us"

We, the cleaning team, always strive to make the guest feel at home in a clean, friendly atmosphere. Thanks to our contribution, we are happy to support the SOS Children's Village through our work. It is a pleasure to see the guest walking around the house with a satisfied smile.