The Hermann Gmeiner Academy is set up

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Das neue Jugendhaus

In 1979, Hermann Gmeiner initiated the planning and establishment of the SOS Children's Village Hermann Gmeiner Academy. In doing so, he took various matters into consideration:

From the sixties and, in particular, seventies onward, the humanitarian SOS Children's Village idea had been put into practice all over the world. The requirements of children in need remained the same. They needed to have beneficial experiences in a home that offered them warmth, care and encouragement on their way towards a self-determined future.



Since SOS Children's Villages operates within all cultures, ethnic groups and religions, the social environment and conditions for offering support to children vary. Therefore, additional facilities, such as SOS Children's Village schools, medical and therapy centres, social centres, etc. are offered, as necessary.

The globalisation of the SOS Children's Village idea, on the one hand, and the social variety within the SOS Children's Village working environment, on the other, place high demands on the professional and social skills of the organisation's employees.

In order to build the Hermann Gmeiner Academy, the old building of the Egerdach youth facility was removed and was replaced by the large Academy building that now nestles into the hill.

The "new" youth facility was connected to the Academy and continued to house young people until they moved to Telfs in the early nineties and the subsequently vacant building was converted into the headquarters of SOS-Kinderdorf International.


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photos: R. Maurhard