The first SOS Children's Village youth facility

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When the first generation of SOS Children's Village children in Imst had completed compulsory education in the mid fifties, SOS Children's Villages decided to try to find suitable apprenticeships or secondary schools for the young people. In view of the fact that more young people would outgrow the SOS Children's Village during the years to follow, the decision to establish an SOS youth facility in Innsbruck was taken, as the big city offered more training opportunities.




Adaptierung Althaus

Soon a suitable building was found. SOS Children's Villages bought a building that belonged to the Austrian health insurance fund and was situated in the Innsbruck district of Amras.  After provisional adjustments had been made, the first SOS Children's Village youth facility was opened in 1956 and gave home to nine young people.



The head of the youth facility, Mr. Rudolf Maurhard, was a pioneer of SOS Children's Village youth care and in his many years of service he has made a significant contribution to the history of SOS Children's Villages. Although Mr. Maurer has already retired, he still lives in Amras and still holds SOS close at heart.


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photos: R. Maurhard