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    "We connect people to make them see and feel the values of SOS Children'd Villages!"

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    Route planner, bus schedule and directions to the Hermann Gmeiner Academy in Innsbruck.

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    Hermann Gmeiner Academy
    6020 Innsbruck, Austria
    phone: +43 512 3316


We inform that most of our social and cultural events are in German. Nevertheless, we can, on request, provide translation assistance.

  • Helmut Kutin Award

    This year the Hermann Gmeiner Award has been given to Maria Anggelina from Indonesia and Dr Muruga Sirigere from India. This award follows the Helmut Kutin award every two years which is given to SOS coworkers who work directly with children and young people. more ...
  • Did you know that ...

    ... SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit regularly arrange information and exchange programmes for corporate partners at the Hermann Gmeiner Academy? more ...
  • Harvesting workshop 2018

    This year’s Harvesting Knowledge Sharing Workshop shortfilm is online! Immerse into the inspiring world of SOS co-workers from all over the world and read their stories in the world map. more ...
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