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phone: +43 512 3316
email:  |||O_O=(jhP40+u+IA=tuWX
6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Do you know that ... 

The Hermann Gmeiner Award
was conceived as an award
for women and men who have
been supported by an
SOS program or for young
people still living there.
The education they got is
– among other aspects –
basis for their successful
way of living.

The Hermann Gmeiner Award
is an amount of money awarded
for special achievements in
the humanitarian and cultural
field and for outstanding
performances in profession,
studies and sports.

The Hermann Gmeiner Price
is awarded every second year.
It is a great pleasure to honour
Mrs. Maya Dhal from India
and Deepak KC from Nepal
this year!

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SOS Children's Villages' Hermann Gmeiner Academy is a place of intercultural exchange for staff members from all over the world.  It extends its warm welcome to the many friends of SOS Children's Villages as well as other development cooperation organisations.

We connect people to make them see and feel the values of SOS Children's Villages!

SOS Children's Village Hermann Gmeiner Academy in Innsbruck, Austria


The supporting associations of the Hermann Gmeiner Academy:

 SOS Kinderdorf Deutschland ev.   SOS Kinderdorf Österreich     SOS Kinderdörfer Weltweit   SOS Children's Villages International 

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It was a perfect summer day
when the 6th
Keep Moving Summer Party
took place 19 July 2014.
Kids liked especially all
water plays but also tried
out dancing, walking on
a slackline, drumming.
Find the pictures here ...

Events 2014

exhibition + book presentation
paintings of I. Hsu
Thu. 04.09.2014
until Sat. 06.09.2014
ubuntu-Forum Imst

of N. Kusche
Wed. 10.09.2014
until Sat. 04.10.2014
ubuntu-Forum Imst

of M. Wanitschek
Wed. 19.11.2014
until 04.10.2014
ubuntu-Forum Imst